Who’s in your Circle Of Influence?


#‎JSYD‬ Jump Start Your Day Question: Who’s in your Circle Of Influence?

The awesome thing about being around positive minded (Influential) individuals, who have a habit of chasing their dreams and believe in taking responsibility for their lives, is that you’ll be inclined to grow in a positive direction as well.

They will have an impact on your thinking and consequently your behavior. They will support you on your journey and move you towards inspired action. Nor will they judge you on the choices you’ve made.


Take a moment to reflect on the following: Who are the people you spend most time with? Do they elevate you or bring you down? Are they proactive Go-Getters?-exhibiting qualities that you admire or are they people who just sit and criticize? Do they motivate or drain you? Are you that Influencer?

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