#‎RockYourBrandCEO What Does Your Head Shot or Branding Image Say About You?

what does your brand image say

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Leading industry expert Tawana Cox, Owner and Photographer of ETC Studios Tweet: @ETCStudiosTX Visit: http://www.etcstudios.net/

Tawana Cox, Owner and Photographer of ETC Studios Tawana is a native Houston photographer with a heart for documenting life with a camera. Her passions include photography, graphic design and mentoring. She always looks to bring out the best in people.”Her philosophy is to live life to its fullest without leaving the most important people behind. Never stop growing, never stop giving, never stop learning and find benefit in every relationship that you encounter.”

Tawana, what is your goal when it comes to the lens of a camera?

Greetings, my name is Tawana and thank you for taking time to get to know me! Houston, Texas is my home but I shoot all over the world.  Theres an intangible element in the way I capture people through my lens that make perfect moments unforgettable.

I spend a lot of time studying my craft making sure that my skills are autonomous and second nature. When its time to allow the magic to happen, Im not bounded into the technical aspects of catching the perfect photo. During your session, my primary focus will be capturing the emotions that bring out the exquisiteness in your eyes and the special connection between you and your love. Im a hopeless romantic and I believe in love and true passion. I am captivated by the essence and raw emotions that I get to freeze in time.

I am aware that pre-wedding research can get a little overwhelming, so enough about me, let s talk about you! You are creative, outgoing, fun and very particular to details; you have a vision in mind and are careful with who you trust to pull it off. Together you and I will MAKE IT HAPPEN! We will write the vision and make it plain through proper planning to make the most magnificent images that reflect your unique style and personality. I’d be honored to capture the precious moments of your life through my lens.

5 Tips for Producing a great head shot on a shoestring budget:

1. Use Good Light when photographing with your IPad or Cell Phone
2. Ask a friend for help. This is not the time for selfies.
3. Be mindful of distracting wardrobe, revealing neckline and fly away hairs.
4. Practice in the mirror
5. Use colors that compliment you

Feel Confident and #RockYourBrandCEO

Glamour vs head shotListen to #RockYourBook {The Series} Podcast interview with Host Marketing Branding Coach LáTanyha Boyd “What does your head shot or branding image say about you? A picture is worth a thousand words. Gain insight with Leading Industry Expert Tawana Cox Owner, Photographer of ETC Studios

etc studios

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